Story Clocks

Clocks that tell your story!


Friendship Clock ~HMW

This is a clock made for one of my best friends. We have a very unique kind of relationship in that we met on the internet 18 yrs ago. Our friendship has changed both of our lives and our families' lives. 

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Outdoors Clock~ Derek M

The clock presented to me by my girlfriend left me awestruck. It featured various themes of our travels and camping experiences. Different types of wood make up the body, depicting our canoeing, mountain hikes, moose spotting and general terrain we have covered.

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Welcome to STORY CLOCKS!-

Story-telling time-tellers, hand crafted by Heather

Clocks tell time, Of course. They tell us when we need to work, to play; they measure the time with our loved ones. They can also tell a story and stories are personal. With care, both the clock and its stories can be handed down generations.

Each clock is exclusive so you can incorporate your story into a unique, personal time teller and storyteller.Tell me about the trips you shared... about your baby's birth, your grandchild's graduation.

Fretwork clocks are clocks made with ornate woodwork, individually handcrafted with a power scroll saw and hand tools. What goes into these unique housings? Curves and angles and, of course, time. And your theme. Each one is made in a home workshop, one at a time. Customized clocks incorporate three-dimensional icons of your story.

But first my story. I live and build clocks in the small, rural village of Crosshill in southern Ontario, surrounded and influenced by the German settlers and their legacy in this region. Part of that legacy is the German crafting of clocks, pyramids and other fine fretwork. This art is fairly rare now but you could still see wonderful examples of local craft shows and at Kitchener's Christkindle market.

I began working with wood and the scroll saw over 20 years ago. Being able to create fretwork art with my hands and my experience creates an exciting connection with the various woods, both common and exotic.That is part of my story.

What is your story?

What is your story? Drop me a line, and maybe photos, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  if you are interested in a story teller clock or perhaps a tower. 

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