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The Work
What is "Fretwork"?

Fretwork is an ornamental, open art form done in wood or metal. Curves and holes are a mark of fretwork as well as three dimensional relief, often shapes or icons.

Story Clocks are hand crafted clocks made with largely fragile, lightweight woods, every curve and icon hand made with a power or hand coping saw. Icons representing some of your life's story can be incorporated, making your Story Clock unique to you and your family.

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Costs & Policies
How much does this cost?

I'm afraid this is a question that depends on so many variables that it is impossible to give a range. A clock with a simple design can be very affordable.A complex clock, or tower or whatever work is done, takes more time and more material.

After discussing the design with you and looking at any photos you may have to help inspire the design, I will be able to give you a "ballpark" quotation.

There is a $30.00 deposit required before work begins. The deposit is not refundable. I trust you understand that a great deal of intensive work goes into design and construction of these fairly fragile materials and that covering some of the costs up front, in the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with your item, is reasonable.

Consultation with you by phone, email and photograph is all done at no cost but the deposit is required and the non-refundable nature is firm. If someone commissions work to be done, they should be willing to compensate the artist. If special circumstances arise, I am reasonable!

Any balance is due upon turning it over to you, after you have inspected it and are satisfied.

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How much does it cost to ship to me?

Due to the fragile nature of these clocks and similar items shipping will usually not be feasible. Therefore we will have to work out local delivery or pickup. If delivered to you there may be a modest cost not exceeding $15.00; the area is limited to most parts of Waterloo Region.

Any balance owing is due upon turning the item(s) over to you, after you have inspected it and are satisfied.

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