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Friendship Clock ~HMW

This is a clock made for one of my best friends. We have a very unique kind of relationship in that we met on the internet 18 yrs ago. Our friendship has changed both of our lives and our families' lives. 

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Outdoors Clock~ Derek M

The clock presented to me by my girlfriend left me awestruck. It featured various themes of our travels and camping experiences. Different types of wood make up the body, depicting our canoeing, mountain hikes, moose spotting and general terrain we have covered.

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Friendship clock



  The hibiscus at the top is my favorite flower and means delicate beauty which signifies our precious friendship. The symbol to the right is the emblem for CCHS, the condition that both our daughters have, that brought us together. Next is a service dog that her daughter has to respond to emergencies. The claddagh at the bottom represents love, loyalty and friendship. The turtle is the native symbol for mother which my friend is a wonderful one. Last but not least is the anchor representing Christianity. My friend has continued to be an example of how a Christian should live by being a good, loyal, caring and loving friend.