Story Clocks

Clocks that tell your story!


Friendship Clock ~HMW

This is a clock made for one of my best friends. We have a very unique kind of relationship in that we met on the internet 18 yrs ago. Our friendship has changed both of our lives and our families' lives. 

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Outdoors Clock~ Derek M

The clock presented to me by my girlfriend left me awestruck. It featured various themes of our travels and camping experiences. Different types of wood make up the body, depicting our canoeing, mountain hikes, moose spotting and general terrain we have covered.

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Outdoors clock

Those times are special and just a glance at the clock to see the time will remind me of the hot days at the lakes in Algonquin or the wispy clouds we encountered as we struggled to the top of a mountain. The canoe featured in 3D brings back the memories of paddling leisurely at the edge of a lake, of frantically paddling to shore when a storm blew in even fumbling to quickly tie up and try to get a picture of the moose or bear we could hear in the brush, though I made so much noise it was long gone when I got to the spot! 

The whimsical pendulum is a moose! Perhaps the only clock in the world with a swinging moose! This clock does not fit a bright, shiny decor. It is a warm, heartfelt and unique reminder of my girlfriend, of some of our most meaningful times together in the outdoors and I am grateful to have this special clock.